Business Studies – Class 12

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  • Academic Video Lectures
  • Detailed Notes on each topic
  • Updated syllabus always
  • Lots of MCQ to help you revise and remember concepts
  • Solve the Questions and earn points
  • Showcase your leadership position to other students
  • Systematically selected Questions with model Answers to help in exams
  • Notes in Bengali language
  • Lectures in English and Bengali Language

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Setting up a business id not enough. It needs to be managed well to ensure good profits. Thus, to manage a business there are a lot of management principles and strategies to be followed. In this course a student shall learn all those concepts of Management principles, tools and techniques to manage a business well. A student will also learn the art of managing their financials, marketing and protecting consumers.

This course contains, informative and academic video lectures, thoroughly made detailed notes, model questions and answers, lots of MCQs for practice and lesson progress checks. The course contents update as per the changes in the syllabus. Our faculty being well versed with each subject, have put in their heart (and hard-work) to create a unique offering to the students.

Course Content

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Chap 1 – Nature and Significance of Management
Chap 2 – Principles of Management
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