Our Logo

Banijya (or Vanijya) in sanskrit stands for “commerce”. Bong(o) may be pseudonymous to us Bengalis. Revolution and evolution (to uplift the masses) all began from the great state of Bengal. Bengal gave the world – education, direction, literature, sweet dishes, etc. Thus, the name coined as, BongoBanijya or as in Bengali – “বঙ্গবাণিজ্য”.

Our logo with the infinity loop signifies our (ever continuing) mission of imparting world class and high quality education to students the world over. Our logo contains the following elements – our brand name, a student, a pen, a book, a desk, the infinity loop and our tagline.

As the student studies at their desk, the pen helps them to carve out their path to success. But success cannot be counted as ‘achieved-as-final’ with each achievement that you earn; Hence, the infinity loop ensures that we (Team বঙ্গবাণিজ্য) keep imparting knowledge and ensure its spread to the very ends.

The infinity loop ensures that imparting knowledge and educating someone is a never ending process…

বঙ্গবাণিজ্য tagline:

“শিক্ষার প্রসার” means spreading education and knowledge to all everywhere.

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