Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 1 January 2022

The Bongobanijya team (Ellipsis Knowledge and Learning Pvt. Ltd.) cares about a learners’ confidentiality and security of personal information. Following are the Privacy Policies (“Privacy Policy”, “Privacy Policies”, “Policies”) which the Bongobanijya site administers to use for a user and/or learner. The information received is controlled and protected by the Bongobanijya team when a user / learner interacts in the Bongobanijya site or with the Bongobanijya Team.

Please note a learner is a user who has enrolled for the said course and has paid the required fees in full. Also note that a “learner” can be simply construed and meant as a “user” or “user(s)” as the case may be if the person is simply browsing the Bongobanijya site. Please note the term learner may also mean and include the term “user” or “user(s)” to be read as in the following terms and conditions as mentioned below.

If a user / learner wishes not to accept the terms put forth in this Privacy Policy, then they are requested to not to register to any courses listed on the Bongobanijya site. If a learner chooses to not to submit certain information, which is required, to avail of any course offerings or other academic services on the Bongobanijya site, then they may not be able to register to access the courses or those services.

Any version of this Privacy Policy may be available in a language other than English is solely for the purpose of convenience and a user and/or learner agrees, understands and accepts that the “English” language version shall supersede all controls in terms of any conflicts.

The Bongobanijya Team shall update these policies from time to time as may be required, without prior notice. A user and/or learner is requested to visit this page at regular intervals for more information.


Please note that in all cases our official medium of communication is via email.

No representative of the Bongobanijya team (Ellipsis Knowledge and Learning Pvt. Ltd.) shall store or process any of your data for any reason other than academics. Also note that our representatives shall NOT contact you via a personal email id NIETHER over telephonic conversations to get any such details NOR discuss any such details over phone, sms or email, unless you are officially intimated via email from Kindly DO NOT respond to any other email IDs. 

What Data do we collect?

The Bongobanijya site collects certain data from a learner directly, like information about the learner, course interests and enrolment, third-party platforms’ data that a learner may connect with the Bongobanijya site, device being used and the platform where you spent the most time (App or website).

The Bongobanijya site collects the following information from you when you enroll or create an account or send an email or participate in any online user surveys or participate in forums, webinars and others:

  • Name – to address you in any official communications.
  • Contact info (email, contact no., communication address) – to inform you about any urgent updates regarding course validity, payment issues, and any other official student related queries.
  • Company name / designation – since the courses are built for a certain niche’ audience, we would love to get feedback regarding our courses from relevant industry experts and others.

Kindly note that the Bongobanijya team (Ellipsis Knowledge and Learning Pvt. Ltd.) DOES NOT store, process or collect any financial information about any user or learner. Instead a learner is redirected to a third-party payment gateway to securely process their requests.

Bongobanijya requires your personal identifiers only for a limited usage when you:

  • Create an account or Register as a student on the Bongobanijya site.
  • Participate in any event (online or offline) conducted by Bongobanijya team.
  • Purchase any courses listed on the Bongobanijya site.
  • Earn or are eligible to earn any certifications.

Bongobanijya collects the following data automatically when a user or learner is browsing or surfing through courses:

  • Technical data – device type, IP address, operating system type and version, unique device identifiers, browser, browser language, domain, etc.
  • Statistical data – usage, interactions, time spent, pages visited, courses accessed, search queries used, etc.
  • Location data – approximate geographical location (country, city, calculated on your IP address), etc.

The data is used to develop courses and study material relevant to the geography as the subjects being offered are dynamic in nature.




The Bongobanijya team (Ellipsis Knowledge and Learning Pvt. Ltd.) can be contacted best through email at please allow for 48 – 72 working hours to respond to every query if the team feels the need to reply.

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