Last Updated: 1 January 2022

Following are some of the Frequently Asked Question(s) (“FAQ”, “FAQs”) which a learner (or student) (or student) or user might have while accessing the Bongobanijya site.

Please note a learner (or student) (or student) is a user who has enrolled the said course after payment of required fees in full in terms of Company’s rules. Also note that a “learner (or student) (or student) ” can be simply construed and meant as a “user” or “user(s)” as the case may be if the person is simply browsing the Bongobanijya site. Please further note that the term learner (or student) (or student) may also mean and include the term “user” or “user(s)” to be read as in the following terms and conditions as mentioned below.

The Bongobanijya Team shall update these FAQs from time to time as may be required as per its (Company’s) discretion, without prior notice. A user and/or learner (or student) (or student) is requested to visit this page at regular intervals for more information.


What is www.Bongobanijya.com?

Bongobanijya aims and/or objects to provide high quality education to students of commerce stream for the West Bengal State Higher Secondary Board and other relevant boards. It provides online tuition or coaching facilities to the said students in an e-learning environment whether on the App or website or both. The subjects offered are – Accounts, Cost, Tax, Law, Audit, Business Studies and Economics. We intend to introduce a host of more relevant courses in the future for the benefit of our students.

Just to ensure safe usage of its platform, Team Bongobanijya has put forth various rules, Terms and Conditions, as per its (Company’s) discretion to ensure that our students’ have a good learning experience.

Who is the parent company/ brand owner of www.bongobanijya.com?

The Bongobanijya site is owned, operated and maintained by Ellipsis Knowledge and Learning Pvt. Ltd. (“EKLPL”); an EdTech company headquartered in Mumbai, India. EKLPL is curated with the object of spreading knowledge through an effective learning environment. EKLPL through its various e-learning solutions and other brands envisions to provide a comprehensive range of academic and professional learning solutions. To know more about EKLPL visit www.ellipsisknowledge.com

How are the courses delivered? 

The Bongobanijya site aims to deliver the course content and other study material through a secure online e-learning environment whether on the website or App or both. The courses are either self-paced or live. Self-paced courses can be accessed by the learner (or student) at any time of their convenience whereas the live courses are virtual classrooms or webinars and the timing of such classes shall be communicated by the Bongobanijya Team as per its (Company’s) sole discretion. Please note each course has a certain timeline and set duration attached to it after which (such said time period) the course access shall expire.

Are the courses on campus type?

No; It is made clear that all courses on the Bongobanijya site are online and available to the learner
(or student) at their convenience from anywhere around the globe.

Do I need to Login / Register in to the Bongobanijya site to access the course materials?

Yes; any learner (or student) needs to create an account on the Bongobanijya site and can access the respective courses at their convenience after they fulfill the terms and conditions as mentioned. Access to courses shall be activated only after a user pays the full fees of each course including any applicable taxes. Do note, the fees might change without prior notice. The Company reserves the right to this fee change decision only.

What language is used in the course content?

Currently the Bongobanijya site offers the courses (content, notes, study material and Q&A) in the English and Bengali languages. We do expect to offer the courses in other languages in the future.

Can I provide feedback / suggestions / recommendations to the courses?

Certainly; a learner (or student) can provide their feedback/suggestions/recommendations to any courses that the learner (or student) pursues. The Bongobanijya team might consider the pointers if they are viable enough and the learner (or student) gives their free consent to any feedback/suggestions/recommendations that they provide. A learner (or student) shall have no requests of any considerations to be made if any of their feedback/suggestions/recommendations may be implemented in the Bongobanijya site after its approval.

How do I choose the right course for me?

Please read the details under each course to understand the course content and having gone through the details take your own decision to choose the right course.

Will my enrolment get me access to any faculty?

The course content on the Bongobanijya site has been prepared by experienced faculties, HODs, other knowledgeable persons and industry experts. A learner (or student) might not have any direct access to any faculty for the courses they purchase. We expect a learner (or student) to have their own thoughtful and engaged participation in every course. Incase of any doubts/ queries the same can be asked via the student portal or can send in an email to studentcare@bongobanijya.com

Can I complete the course before the timeline mentioned?

Certainly; a learner (or student) may pace ahead of the regular schedule. You will have to ensure keeping a check on your course requirements.

Can I critically examine (audit) a course?

All courses on the Bongobanijya site are developed with much toil to ensure the best quality education and create an engaging learning environment to the learner (or student). A learner (or student) shall not critically examine nor audit any courses put up on the Bongobanijya site.

Will I have to purchase any additional materials?

No; your course fees covers all the materials you would require to study. You are NOT required to
purchase any additional materials NOR pay any additional fees for the courses.

Will I have access to the course materials after completing a course?

Access to any course is determined as per the timeline required to complete studying that particular course. Access to study materials, course content, etc. shall end at the designated course duration mentioned in each course overview or completion of the course whichever is earlier.

Do you provide any specific help during examination time?

Our faculties and staff are always happy to address to student queries as and when it may arise. We try our best to make the most frequently asked doubts in your student portal. Kindly expect a delayed response during the exam season as our team is flooded with doubt solving requests via email. Also, note to check your student portal for the answers to your doubts.


How can I access the Bongobanijya site?

A learner (or student) needs to have access to any mobile device or a desktop computer or laptop with access to uninterrupted internet connection to access the courses and the site content seamlessly. There is no specific requirements to the hardware configurations of any device.

Which platform will the courses work on?

The courses on the Bongobanijya site are designed to work on any device having an internet connection and running any browser – safari, firefox or chrome. Any tablet computers and smartphones having access to chrome would be good enough to access the course materials. An uninterrupted broadband internet connection with requisite speed is strongly recommended to access the course content and study materials. The courses may load with slower internet connections however a learner (or student) might face buffering or slowness of the courses (mainly the video lectures) with lower internet speeds. To avoid issues it is recommended that a learner (or student) has the updated browser installed in their devices and kindly clear your cache memory if you find any difficulties accessing your account. If accessing the course materials from the App it is recommended to update the app as and when the updates roll out.

Can I access the courses on the App or website or both?

A learner (or student) can access the course materials from either the App or the Website. Our systems offer only one login device access per user due to security reasons. A learner (or student) might have to logout from a session from a device before logging in to any other session on a different device.

How do I enroll for a course?

A learner (or student) can enroll for any course of their choice as available on the Bongobanijya site. For this a learner (or student) needs to Register themselves on the Bongobanijya site. If you are accessing the Bongobanijya site for the first time you would need to create a unique login ID/ username and password and keep them safe.

When do I get access to the courses?

As soon as a learner (or student) creates an account and makes the full payment (including all applicable Taxes) to a course, they get access to the course materials. Please note the course fees are subject to change without prior notice. Only the Company reserves the right to make changes to the course fees.

What is the validity of the course that I enrolled in?

The course validity shall be counted from the date of full payment to the course. The course duration shall be mentioned in each course. It is made clear that prior to full and final payment of each course fees no candidate can access the course materials.

By taking any course do I even become an alumnus or enjoy any alumni privileges?

As a learner (or student) of the Bongobanijya site, you may become part of the brands offered by Ellipsis Knowledge and Learning Pvt. Ltd.; however there are no alumni options or benefits as yet. But you may benefit from the courses being offered at our other brand sites. You do become a valued student member for us and may be eligible to attend further events, seminars, workshops and others at the discretion of the Authorised Representatives of Ellipsis Knowledge and Learning Pvt. Ltd.

What happens if I forget my user ID or password?

A learner (or student) is requested to keep their login credentials safe and secure; and to even remember them. However, in the event that you are unable to find your user ID or have forgotten your password, you are requested to click on the forgot password option to generate your password. In case you have forgotten your user ID, you may contact student services through email on studentcare@bongobanijya.com. Please allow the team for 48 – 72 working hours to respond.

Do I get any accredited certifications at the end of the courses?

All courses are offered as a tuition or coaching to support the formal schooling (or college) pedagogy of a student; currently there are no accreditations attached nor any certifications provided to any course on the Bongobanijya site. The course content are developed in-house by the Bongobanijya team in collaboration with experienced faculty(ies), industry experts and others.  

However, our team is working on offering certain Certificate courses soon. 

What does my course fee include?

Your course fees represent your full tuition fees towards the course and no additional fees is charged in any time during the course validity.

If my course validity expires, can I renew it? Will I be eligible for any discounts?

Your course validity shall be mentioned in the course overview page. After the expiry of the validity date, you may renew the course by paying for the requisite course fees via the online secured method of payment. In terms of any applicable discounts for renewing the same course, you would need to contact student services through email on studentcare@bongobanijya.com; if there is any applicable discounts at that time, you may be eligible for the same but at the sole discretion of the Bongobanijya team.

Can I get discounts if I buy the courses in bulk for a number of users?

Certainly you can buy courses in bulk if you are an institution or other organisation. Kindly contact student services through email on studentcare@bongobanijya.com they would guide you with any discounts applicable as per the norms developed by the Bongobanijya Team (Ellipsis Knowledge and Learning Pvt. Ltd.) depending on the number of learner (or student).

How much discount on the course fee am I eligible for?

Applicability of discounts may vary on case-to-case basis. No case can be construed as a basis for demand of any additional discounts nor can it be used to quote any discount amount. The Bongobanijya team shall always offer you the best quote available.

Kindly contact student services through email on studentcare@Bongobanijya.com they would guide you through. It is clearly mentioned that if any discount be made available will depend on sole discretion of the Bongobanijya Team (Ellipsis Knowledge and Learning Pvt. Ltd.).

How do I pay for any course?

We accept payments via any bank debit or credit cards, bank wire transfer, netbanking, cheques or drafts. In all cases, the course fees need to be paid in full and the bank charges if any are to be borne by the learner (or student). If a learner (or student) transfers the bank charges to their course fees, then the course fees shall be marked as short-paid and the access shall not be granted to the learner (or student). For payment modes other than credit card or debit card, kindly contact student services through email on studentcare@bongobanijya.com they would guide you through the process. It is clearly mentioned that after receipt of payment in no way a refund shall be possible.

What are the refund policies?

All courses listed on the Bongobanijya site have a strict no-refund policy attached with them. We have a strict No Cancellation policy attached with all courses.

Any scholarships available?

No, there are no scholarships available at the moment.



Can an organisation or institution buy courses for their students in bulk?

If you would likeIf you would like to purchase courses in bulk for your students, you could contact our team on studentcare@bongobanijya.com they would guide you with bulk registrations and other required documentations. Kindly note the discounts are available only when a significant number of learner (or student) enroll to any said course i.e. a minimum number of 100 and above learner (or student), and only for some courses. Please mention “Institutional Purchase” in the subject line for quicker response. It is clearly mentioned here that if any discount is made applicable incase of bulk admission or registration it shall depend on the sole discretion of the Bongobanijya Team (Ellipsis Knowledge and Learning Pvt. Ltd.).

What would be the duration of the courses if we purchase in bulk for our team?

Our team can work on a suitable term duration for a significant number of learner (or student) enrolled in the course(s). The default duration shall be as per the timing mentioned in the course overview page.

What all information is needed to be submitted to form an Institutional Partnership?

Our team shall communicate the details with your team/ organisation regarding the same. Kindly email us at studentcare@bongobanijya.com 

How much time does it take to form the Institutional Partnership?

Please allow for 5 – 7 working days to process all the required formalities and technical setup to be in place. You can send in the request via email to studentcare@bongobanijya.com and our team will get back at the earliest to assist you with the requirements. 

Can we get any customised offerings of the courses?

Customisation would depend on the nature of the requirements. Our team will do a detailed analysis of your requirement to understand if a customisation is possible. You are requested to kindly visit the terms and conditions, enrolment and privacy policy page for more details. Please email us at studentcare@bongobanijya.com 


The provisions of all the courses shall be governed by the laws of India. It is agreed by and between the Parties hereto that the competent Courts at MUMBAI alone shall have jurisdiction to entertain any proceedings or dispute arising out of these Courses.

Learner (or student) are requested to kindly visit the terms and conditions, enrolment and privacy policy page for more details.

Students, Parents, Users and Learners are advised to check the Notice Board regularly for updates / communication by Team Bongobanijya on various courses / events / queries / other details.

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